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Donald Trump Attacks ‘Fox News’ Reporter Who Says She Confirmed ‘Atlantic’ Military Story

by · The Inquisitr

Donald Trump attacked Fox News’ national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin after she claimed to have verified some of the details of the Atlantic’s story about the president’s attitude toward military service members.

“Jennifer Griffin of Fox News Did Not Confirm ‘Most Salacious’ Part of Atlantic Story via @BreitbartNews All refuted by many witnesses. Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting. Never even called us for comment. @FoxNews is gone!” he wrote.

Trump included a link in his tweet to a piece by right-leaning media organization Breitbart explaining that Griffin wasn’t able to confirm with anyone that Trump had called World War I soldiers buried in Paris “losers” and “suckers.”

On Thursday, the Atlantic published a piece claiming that Trump had been disparaging about military members on numerous occasions in the past. In it, he reportedly said that it wasn’t important to visit a cemetery filled with dead American soldiers and that he expressed confusion as to why people would serve in the armed forces.

The piece also claimed that Trump didn’t want to see amputees at a parade for wounded veterans because “nobody wants to see that.”

“He can’t fathom the idea of doing something for someone other than himself,” a source told the news outlet. “He just thinks that anyone who does anything when there’s no direct personal gain to be had is a sucker. There’s no money in serving the nation. Trump can’t imagine anyone else’s pain. That’s why he would say this to the father of a fallen Marine on Memorial Day in the cemetery where he’s buried.”

Trump has fiercely denied any that any part of the piece is true, though some have noted that he has publicly stated that the late John McCain was a “loser” for getting caught and becoming a prisoner of war, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

In a series of tweets on Friday, Griffin said that she had confirmed parts of the story, including that Trump had referred to the Vietnam war as “stupid” and that anyone who served in it was a “sucker.” She also said that she spoke to someone who repeated the claim that Trump couldn’t understand why people would serve and die for their country.

She also said that Trump wanted to cancel a visit to the cemetery in Paris and that he didn’t want to see amputees in the 4th of July military parade.

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